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Botanical Name
Common Name

Acmena smithii minor var.
(now Syzygium smithii)

Hot Flush Small leaf Acmena. Pimple psyllid resistant. 3m. Colour flushes increased by regular pruning and fertilizing. Suits topiaries, hedges, standards.
Acacia complanata Flat stem Wattle A very reliable and hardy wattle with delightful golden balled flowers occuring several times per year.To 2ms.Prune once a year after flowering.
Aristolochia deltantha Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine Non vigorous climbing vine with dark green elongated heart shape leaves. Small Red/Purple pipe shape flowers. Host plant for several types of swallow tail butterflies.
Austromyrtus dulcis Midyum Berry Hardy and pretty groundcover, white flowers, sweet tasty small fruit. 90cm tall. Attracts insectivorous Wrens, Silvereyes etc.
Austromyrtus tenuifolia Tall Midyum Shrubby variety similar to Austromyrtus dulcis, to 1.5m. tall.
Backhousia angustifolia Curry Myrtle Curry flavoured leaves, culinary uses. Regular pruning
gives leaf harvest and bushy growth.
Backhousia anisata Aniseed Myrtle

Aniseed scented leaves, culinary, therapeutic. 7m.
Some uses: baking fish,chicken, lamb, cakes, biscuits, sauces and as a substitute for star anise in Asian cooking. Easily hedged, frost intolerant, grows well indoors during
cold periods

Backhousia citriodora Lemon Myrtle Lemon scented leaves, masses white flowers in summer. Culinary, therapeutic, refreshing tea and cold beverages. Used as a substitute for lemons/limes. Perfect for baking fish. 6m.
Backhousia citriodora oil 100% Pure essential oil
Lemon Mytle Oil
100% pure oil, steam distilled from East coast trees. Culinary, therapeutic and used as a base for perfume industry. More powerful than Tea tree oil in its germicidal properties. Available in 15ml. single drop essential oil bottles.
Backhousia citriodora Naturally Dried Leaves Lemon Myrtle Leaves
A wonderful addition to the pantry. Available in blended or fresh leaf form. Used in a wide range of cooking methods, see directory for menus.
Backhousia myrtifolia Cinnamon Myrtle Cinnamon scented leaves, feature shrub to 3m. with brilliant flowers Nov.- Jan. A glossy ornamental.

Brachysema celsianum
Swan River Pea
Stunning red pea flowers Spring/Winter.Silvery grey foliage gives great colour contrast. 1.5 high and 3 ms across growth habit, suits espalier, standards, or prune for bush and flowers.
Callistemon sieberi
Texas Pink Tough western shrub with silver pink blooms fading to white. Yellow anthers. 2m.
Cassia artemisioides Silver Cassia A dense shrub. 2m. with profuse, butter yellow flowers in spring. Happy in wide variety of soils.
Citrus hystrix (Exotic)
Kaffir Lime Essential ingredient in Thai and many Asian dishes.
Juice, leaves and zest used. Pruning promotes best growth. Plenty of water needed for good fruiting .
Clerodendron inerme Scrambling Clerodendron Our fastest growing hedge/screen. Dainty white winter/spring flowers. Salt tolerant .Very useful and hardy coastal plant. 3m. A reliable performer in most situations with adequate water.
Dianella brevipedunculata Flax Lily A very hardy clumping lily with long strappy foliage to 1m. Blue flowers and edible fruit.

Elaeocarpus eumundii Eumundi Quandong Bushy tree, scented flowers in spring/summer then deep blue fruit. Purple/bronze new growth. 8/10m.
Elaeocarpus reticulatus Blueberry Ash Small tree (5m), very ornate pink/white flower clusters, blue fruit. Silver leaf margins.
Eleocharis geniculata Starburst A delightful sedge with a graceful weeping habit and hardy nature, to 40cms high x 40cms wide. Emerald green foliage with contrasting ochre seed tips make a wonderful feature in saucered pots or as a low edging border.
Eugenia reinwardtiana Beach Cherry Delightful shrub (1.5m) with glossy foliage, whiteflowers and very tasty cherry type fruits.
Graptophyllum excelsum
Scarlet Fuchsia
Bushy shrub (2m.) attracts honey eaters in Spring with a profusion of red tubular flowers.
Graptophyllum ilicifolium Native Holly Perfect native Xmas tree (1.5m.) with holly shaped foliage and deep mauve, spring flowers.
Grevillea formosa Mt.Brockman Grevillea
Shrub/Groundcover with grey feathery foliage and dense racimes of golden flowers. Suits standards.
Attracts honeyeaters in Summer/Autumn.
Grevillea "Poorinda Rondeau" Small Grevillea
Shrub/groundcover to 1m.. Bright red flowers along most of stem in Winter/Spring. Prune after flowering for best results
Hibiscus species
Abelmoschus moschatus subspecies tuberosus
(Syn. Hibiscus rhodopetalus)
Wild Rose Hibiscus
var. Bullock Creek
A beautiful Hibiscus style variety with deep rose red flowers. Prune to suit.
Hibiscus splendens Native Hollyhock This native hibiscus has eye catching light mauve/pink flowers with crimson stamons most of the year. Prune for robust growth/flowers. The furry nature of stems and foliage deters many hibiscus pests.
Hibiscus divaricartus Yellow Hibiscus Erect shrub to 4ms. with eye catching bright yellow flowers with crimson centres. Very showy and long flowering. Prune regularly.
Hibiscus meraukensis State of Origin Open shrub to 2ms. with maroon flowers most of year. Vigorous grower. Prune regularly. Edible lemon tasting leaves and flowers.
Hibiscus sabdariffa (Exotic)

Wild Hibiscus

Deep burgundy from trunk to stem with pink flowers most of the year. Vigourus habit. Very hardy. Prune regularly. Outstanding wine coloured foliage is a feature all year. Edible Lemon flavoured leaves. Jam from fruit
Hovea acutifolia Northern Hovea Open shrub to 2ms. Olive green leaves with velvety brown undersides. Masses of purple pea flowers along stems in late winter spring. Prune after flowering. Frost resistant.
Hoya australis White flower Climbing from shade to sun this white flowering variety has heaviest scent at dawn/dusk. Hardy, low water requirements. Suits hanging baskets.
Hoya macgillivrayi Red flower Endangered
Exquisite perfume from pendulous clusters of deep maroon flowers in winter and spring. A great climber. Hardy low water requirements. Suits hanging baskets.
Leptospermum luehmannii Rare Large bushy shrub.Profuse delicate white blossoms cover plant in December. Peeling bark reveals beautiful iridescent green trunk
Lomandra hystrix Riverine Mat Rush Hardy tussock plant 2 x 1m .Useful for regeneration and stabilizing steep sites.
Lythrum salicaria Purple Loosestrife Native bog/water plant with outstanding purple flower spikes. Annual, regrows from pruned growth in warmer months.
Melastoma polyanthum Blue Tongue
Native Lasiandra
Bushy shrub (1m) with large mauve, summer flowers, followed by edible fruit. Prune for shape.
Pandanus pedunculatus Coastal Pandanus Hardy landscape tree/feature, prop roots, spreading canopy. Focal point of any coastal tropical garden. Can handle windy beach situation or rooftops.

Pavatta australiensis Pavetta A delightful shrub for moist well drained soil in sheltered situation. Clusters of scented white flowers in Spring and Summer followed by black fruit.
Poa australis Blue Moon  
Proiphys amboinensis Cardwell Lily

Rainforest understory bulb (afternoon shade), white bell flower clusters, very fragrant, winter dormant. Likes shaded gullies and rock pools.

Proiphys cunninghamii Brisbane Lily Same as Proiphys amboinensis with slightly larger foliage. Winter dormant.
Psychotria simmondsiana Small Psychotria A small glossy shrub with a profuse flowering period in spring. The small white flowers are irresistible to Native bees and many insects.
Romnalda strobilacea Shade Lily Strappy curling leaves from a single base show this ancient plant's heritage. Suits indoors. A rainforest understory plant to 1m.
Sauropus albiflorus
(Syn. Phylanthus albiflorus)
Milky Way Small shrub to 1m, with delicate foliage and white blossoms all year. Delightful as a low hedge or white contrast feature.
Sophora tomentosa
Native Butterfly Bush
Open shrub to 3m high x 1.5m wide. Sprays of lemon pea summer flowers. Silver grey foliage, salt tolerant.
Syzygium paniculatum
select form
Magenta Cherry A fast growing shiny leafed Lillypilly. Very few pests/diseases.Magnificent screen tree.
Syzygium luehmannii "Lulu" Dwarf Luehmannii Lengthy trials have produced this very colourful Lillypilly. Small neat weeping tree with naturally dense foliage. Shiny purple, pink, apricot, lime and green new foliage all year. Fluffy summer flowers and small edible fruits
Uromyrtus spp. Weeping Beauty Weeping pendulous habit, tiny bell flowers and a dense nature. Tub/feature.