Syzygium luehmannii "LULU"

Star Burst
Eleocharis geniculata "Starburst"

Poa australis "Blue Moon"

Syzygium luehmannii "LULU" PBR

A delightful form of Syzygium luehmannii
with brilliant colour flushes all year, a small
leafed weeping habit, a superb feature plant.


Syzygium luehmannii LULU

Lulu was selected after a 10 year trial for consistent performance and naturally dense habit. Vivid colour flushes range from purple, hot pink, apricot, lime and green all year.

Lulu grows into a small , neat tree (4m.Hx2m.W). Annual pruning, while not necessary, will increase colour flushes.

Lulu has glossy, softly weeping foliage, fluffy, white, summer flowers which are followed by small red edible berries.

Lulu is hardy , versatile and resistant to pimple psyllid. Perfect for hedging ( 75cm. spacings in smaller sizes ) , screening for privacy, windbreak, topiary, poolside, courtyard, corners, in bush or formal gardens, and suits most soil situations in
full sun or part shade.

Lulu flourishes with mulching and seasonal fertilizing(Slow releaseNative/Organic).Water regularly to establish, then a fortnightly watering in dry times is all that's needed.



Bullock Creek Nursery
( Fact Sheet )

Hedges, using “Lulu” pbr applied for.

Suggested spacings using 140mm.pot plants.
For a dense fast hedge, spacings of 500mm. (centres)and an incorporated watering system with adjustable, long stem drippers is recommended (this ensures root zone saturation and least evaporation loss). Above ground fertiliser application at label rate (along drip line) is also suggested, ensuring a good start for all plants in the line, and also avoiding nitrogen loss from mulch. Hardwood mulch is also recommended.
During establishment period, daily waterings, at night and/or evenings, is the best option.
“Lulu” only needs pruning once a year unless used as a topiary. This ensures an even hedge shape and increases growth rate.
After approximately 2 weeks, slowly reduce to 2nd day weekly, then 3 rd day weekly etc., until another 2 week period is reached. A deep fortnightly watering is used at our nursery for our inground stock ensuring a robust, healthy advertisement for “ Lulu ”

Organic Dynamic Lifter and slow release Osmocote (8-9 mth) Native Fertiliser, are recommended. For scale and sooty mould problems, eliminate ant problem and use a foliar application in Spring and Autumn of Pest Oil, Eco Oil or Scale Oil or similar, applied late afternoon after watering. Do not apply Oils in temperatures above 28deg.

Classical music, preferably Vivaldi's Four Seasons Concerto is the preferred option used by Bullock Creek